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 Guide To Best Prizes In GG

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PostSubject: Guide To Best Prizes In GG   Guide To Best Prizes In GG Icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 1:15 pm

First of all, they will obviously be from the hardest level Trial of Spheres. If you are able to get a Gold Medal on that, you have a chance to get
800-1200 gold
Major Battle/Damage Elixir
Wyvern Hoard Pack Smile
Dragon Hoard Pack Smile
Green Thumb Pack :)If you want remarkable reagents, you just have to get a silver medal on ToTS, it is really easy.

There is still more. From any Hard level such as Labyrinth, you can get an eye of bartleby pack, getting a silver medal on it
From the easy levels, you can get pets, which is the only thing good from them.
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Guide To Best Prizes In GG
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